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We used to be the_hot_nerds. Then someone hacked in and started banning people and being a complete idiot. SO, HERE WE ARE. The bigger and better hot_nerds!

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Computer geek? Literary master? Comic book collector? Film geek? This community is for you! Always looking to share new found information on the latest operating system, to discuss the latest book, or chat about the newest cult flick? This is the community for you!

Want to be a member?
Follow these simple rules and your position in hot_nerds will be sealed:

    1. Applications and long posts must be behind a lj-cut. Any applications that are not behind a lj-cut will be deleted immediately unless special circumstances exist. Here is how you make an lj-cut:

    <lj-cut text="Application">
    (your entire application goes here)

    2. Before you post more than just an application, or vote on other "nerds-to-be"s, you MUST be stamped accepted.

    3. Only moderators carry the power to ban/reject/accept new members.

    4. No undecided or abstaining "votes". It is either “yes” or “no” If the applicant doesn’t have enough information the first time around, then post “no” or don’t post a comment at all. No “abstaining” and no asking for more information.

    5. FOLLOW THE FORMAT. Really, it’s not that hard. Your post will not be considered until the format is correctly followed.

    6. There has been much discussion as to what makes a nerd and what makes a geek. Although we are hot_nerds, we have much love for the_hot_geeks. If we refer you to there it is more than likely because your interests seem to mainly be anime and/or computers and that ilk. Of course, many of our members are also hot geeks, so if you get in here, it wouldn't be surprising that you would also be a member there and vice versa. Remember, if we send you their way, it isn't because you're 'beneath' the hot_nerds, it's because we think you are a geek. Remember, nerds love geeks. If you didn't know that, you are hereby banned from teh intraweb.

If you truly think you're a hot nerd, there's no need to seek external validation in a community like this, nor is there any need to complain when you're turned down

To apply, follow this simple format:
    1. Picture(s) of yourself. 3 max, each 640x480 resolution or less. Don’t post huge pictures, save bandwidth and loading time for those of us who have slower internet connections. No naked/partially naked pictures. We will ban you.
    2. Nerdy hobbies. Just a list will do fine here.
    3. A brief educational history. Include your GPA and national standardized test scores if possible. If you're in college or have graduated from college, tell us your major/minor and how that makes you a nerd. If you're in high school, share your favorite classes.
    4. Hours spent on the internet daily and how you spend time on the 'net.
    5. Tell us about the things that you are passionate about. Do you wait eagerly for the newest Scientific America to arrive in your mailbox? Do you tell horrible jokes that only those in your profession would understand? Do you have any funny pictures that are "nerd" specific? Share them all with us!
    6. Other nerdy tidbits that make you unique or make you feel nerdy among your peers.

And last but not least... ELABORATE! If you think you have enough information, you probably need about 10 times more. If you’ve got something unique, be specific. “I play Magic the Gathering” isn’t as cool as “I’ve been playing Magic: The Gathering since I was 4 and have cards from the alpha and beta set.” See? A little more effort (and if you are sincere about it, it shouldn’t be effort) and it’s a million times more nerdy. Make sure that your personality spills through your application. We love people who can make us laugh or smile or who can make us nod as in Yes! I do that too!. Don't forget, spelling and grammar count!

How do we decide who gets in?
    - There must be at least 15 votes (not just comments) by accepted members.
    - There will be a three day voting period, majority rules.
    note: If number of votes has not reached 15 in three days an extension will be granted (the extension will last until aforementioned number of votes has been reached).

Keep in mind that this community is based around acceptance. If you get rejected, it isn't a big deal. If you get accepted, don’t bash those who don’t get accepted. And we’re here to have fun, not to feast on the non-nerdy types among us.

If you're having any problems with any other members here, please contact a member of management. as chemchick has been MIA for at least a month.

LONG STORY SHORT: If you apply, we would like details into your nerd-dom.
*Here are what we consider quality applications, as suggested by our members*
one/two/old school community

*The Bad*

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