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hot_nerds' Journal
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Wednesday, October 26th, 2011
4:10 pm
Yo Whedonites!
My girlfriend (astr0babe) made this costume from scratch and entered it into a contest on Facebook. (For those unfamiliar, it's Illyria from the series "Angel". If you'd like to vote for her, all you have to do is click the pic below then press 'like'. I hope you enjoy!!

(X-Posted to the entire galaxy)

You can also click (here) to see the details of how she made her costume! Hope you enjoy!
Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009
2:13 pm
Xbox LIVE, anyone?
Are there any Hot Nerds out there who like shooting Locusts in Gears of War 2 Horde mode? My username is crystallinity. please add me! I'm up for plenty of other games as well.
Tuesday, October 28th, 2008
8:34 am
Anyone still alive out here?
Echo… echo……

Has this community effectively died down? Is it that all y'all have stopped being as active on LJ or is it just this community that you're no longer posting to?

Seems that, at the very least, people have flocked to different pastures for their hot nerdy application fixes. Or did we just stop recruiting?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
Sunday, October 12th, 2008
12:03 am
So tell me,
What's a social activity-loving guy like me doing alone in his apartment in San Francisco on a Saturday night?

Watching The Big Bang Theory, that's what!

And y'all should watch it too if you aren't already. Seriously.

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008
4:25 pm
Your inner zombie wants brains.
I just found a great article on MSNBC via FARK entitled, "Could inner zombie be controlling your brain?" It discusses how our unconscious minds may be more in control of our bodies than we give them credit for. The article in itself is just neat as hell, but continually referring to the unconscious as a zombie made all sorts of happy. Here's the first part of the article so you can decide if you want to read it or not.

"We like to see ourselves as being completely conscious of our thought processes, of how we feel, of the decisions we make and our reasons for making them. When we act, it is our conscious selves doing the acting. But starting in the late 1960s, psychologists and neurologists began to find evidence that our self-aware part is not always in charge. Researchers discovered that we are deeply influenced by perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and desires about which we have no awareness.

Their research raised the disturbing possibility that much of what we think and do is thought and done by an unconscious part of the brain — an inner zombie."

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008
8:21 am
I'm a Dean's List Biology major entering into the chiropractic graduate program next quarter, and he's a huge WWII nerd, specifically the European theater. We are getting into jogging shape, just so that we can run Currahee and have a shared experience with the Band of Brothers.

Our wedding ceremony was written and preformed by a good friend of ours. As big Babylon 5 fans, our friend switched to an Centauri accent and finished the ceremony from that point of view. Then there was Batman, which we snuck into the wedding in subtle ways. I had a lego Batman keychain in by flowers. Our cake toppers were Batman and Zatanna action figures (which I added a veil to Zatanna).

PictureCollapse )
8:20 am
Hot (and Nerdy) or Not?
There must have been some kind of hot_nerds vibe in the air yesterday. I found myself thinking about the comm. while I was getting ready in the morning, then I came home last night and saw that hot_nerds had reanimated itself. Hooray!

I am definitely a nerd: English professor with a fixation on studying 18th-century marriage. I'm not sure my boyfriend fiancé (just got engaged a few weeks ago, w00t!) is a nerd in the usual sense--he only has a H.S. education. BUT he is scarily adept at repairing anything, he is bilingual (French/English--he is Québecois), and he is obsessed with ballroom dancing as am I. We met in a dance class and are going to our 2nd ballroom competition next weekend. Best of all, he is an avid admirer of my nerd-dom.

Here's a picture from the night we got engaged.Collapse )

We are having 2-sided wedding invitations with English on one side and French on the other. That's not quite as cool as XML, I freely admit.

Current Mood: pleased
Monday, July 14th, 2008
7:09 pm
Opposite nerds
Hallo hot_nerds!

My boyfriend and I have been going out since May 2007. We met by chance, in an awkward online message exchange that left us set up with a spontaneous midnight coffee date.

We are both graduating next spring from our respective colleges which happen to be different and yet right across the street from one another - Princeton and Westminster Choir College.

He's a opera singer, I'm an aerospace engineer.

Why it's nerdy:
- He owns and wears more makeup than I do
- My major is almost entirely men, his major is almost entirely women
- I live in the lab, he lives on the stage
- I'm working for the Navy, and he's performing with a professional light opera company
- We are taking a class on Roman history together next semester just for kicks

Why it's hot:Collapse )

Here's to hoping our opposite lifestyles will mesh well enough to combat the craziness :)
5:49 pm
nerd love
Hey hot_nerds! Aww, I miss this community. Since joining the comm. I have graduated from college with a BS/MS in neuroscience, worked for two years in a lab, and I'm just about to start a PhD program this fall! But this is a post about nerd love.

My boyfriend followed me from Boston to Atlanta to support me as I pursue this degree. We met in 2004 when he was a university senior and I was a sophomore. He found me on some social networking communities and figured out that we were attending the same college and had grown up in the same medium-sized town, so we got introduced and hit it off. He brings balance to our nerd relationship, as I'm in biology and he double-majored in literature and computer science. He gives me books to read and fixes up our home network, I explain things about DNA and use my knowledge of anatomy to give good... backrubs. ;-)

Here are some photos we took while working on last year's Christmas cards.Collapse )
5:34 pm
nerd love!
Hi hot_nerds, how are you? I agree with timothytoastman, this community is fun when it is active! I've met so many cool people though HN, many of whom I still correspond with since i joined in *gasp* 2003. Damn, we're getting to be old nerds!

Anyway, I will continue with Matt's theme post. I met my boyfriend in 2005 in graduate school, though we didn't start dating until last year. He was the TA for choir, and I, a little chemistry nerd with a passion for music, saw nothing wrong with a little hot TA on TA action (though i was singing for him at the time!) Now he's got his doctorate in choral conducting and i'm (fingers crossed!) only two years from mine.

awwww, how cuteCollapse )</lj>
5:13 pm
So it's been way too long since people have posted here. I figured I'd post a picture of me and my girlfriend, who I've been with for a year now. I figure this is pertinent because:

A) We met via... World of Warcraft.
B) We're both hot nerds, she's just not official yet.
C) Why? Because she graduated from Cornell as a total Food Nerd, makes her own soaps and balms at home, and is currently attempting to read every Discworld novel published.
D) And she likes making lists.
E) And it's rubbing off on me.

Let's see your photos of you and your significant NERDS!

Read more...Collapse )
Tuesday, March 4th, 2008
7:44 am
Bored math professor solves 140-year-old formula
Here's something I thought some people would enjoy reading. A math professor from London figured out during a lecture on vortex dynamics how to solve the Schwarz-Christoffel formula for irregular shapes.

This formula can be used to measure stresses that would be applied to a structure once constructed. Previously, it had limitations based on whether a structure had holes or was made of different materials.

Article can be found here.

Current Mood: bouncy
Saturday, August 18th, 2007
8:26 am
Nerdy music question
I'm putting together an MP3 CD of nerdy music and I need some help coming up with groups and artists to put on it. I'd prefer independent artists, but it's not a requirement.

Some of the artists I've already considered are Frank Zappa, They Might Be Giants, Jonathan Coulton, Nerf Herder, and mc chris. What artists does everyone listen to that have a real sense of nerd pride or just sufficiently smart lyrics or geeky references?

Current Mood: geeky
Thursday, June 21st, 2007
11:22 am
Singing Tesla Coil
I died when I watched this.
Also, seriously, you guys. What's with the not posting anymore?

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, June 20th, 2007
11:36 pm
Your mission
Make a new stamp.
Two new stamps even.
One for accepted.
One for rejected.
I made this assignment before.
I want more results.
We NEED a new stamp.
I do not want the old one, and it has been lost to the abyss that is my server dying, my pc dying, and my laptop dying.

Additionally, who is still active in this community?
Even more, are there any mods still active here, aside from technofreak?

Okay okay more I've moved and am enjoying time unemployed and back in chicagoland from the hot desolate wasteland known as savannah Georgia, which basically means i have lots of time to devote to this community right now.

Get to work.

Monday, June 4th, 2007
2:55 pm
Programming Projects
I'd like to think I have a decent grasp of the concept of programming in C++. I dabbled in it recreationaly for a little bit before taking some classes on it. I didn't like the classes and therefore I stopped pursuing that aspect of my education in terms of a means to land a great job.

But now for my job I've been told to "learn PHP." I am perpetually bored to tears reading through these tutorials, because the concepts I understand. I have a decent grasp on what's going on with the basic and some intermediate stuff, and I'm not afraid to consult a manual or article (heck, 8 of my 10 open tabs are PHP tutorials, and I have three books sitting on my desk.

So what I'm looking for is perhaps a website or two where they list off projects, or goals. Somewhat geared towards beginners, but not so mundane that I go home after staring at the screen for 8 hours wanting to gouge my eyes out. If they had solutions to the projects, that'd be even better so I can compare how they accomplished the goal with how I accomplished the goal. I seemed to learn better that way when learning C++ and I assume much would be the same for PHP.

Any ideas? Also, on a broader note, any suggestions for surviving 8am-5pm days stuck in front of a computer beyond the "get up and stretch occasionally" type suggestions. I was working in the support office, where I got to interact with half a dozen employees and users/customers on a regular basis, but now I'm in my own cubicle (for the first time in my life) with two other students (grad students, for what its worth) who don't do much other than work at the computer. No music. No talking to one another. Its very weird for me.
Thursday, May 17th, 2007
10:51 pm
Monday, April 30th, 2007
2:36 pm
Attention all code monkeys!
Does anybody happen to be fluent in coding Cold Fusion? I need some advice on coding a registration page for our conference. We have a form that lets the faculty nominate a list of students to attend, and then another form that lets them register for the hotel by listing the students who will be rooming together. We want to combine them into one form, and I'm trying to think of the easiest way to do it would be. I'm trying to keep the changes that will be made to a minimum. I have some thoughts, but I'd like some other feedback. I've been beating my head into the desk trying to think of a better way to do it and I'm giving up for now.

Edit: I figured out the best logic for it. The problem that I'm having is that my ColdFusion loop isn't reading the next record in the loop. After fighting with it for a few hours, I added some cfoutput tags to see what was going on. Turned out that it was going through the loops and checking the correct variables, but the problem was that it wasn't advancing past the first record returned by the query. Any suggestions?

Current Mood: annoyed
Thursday, April 19th, 2007
2:45 pm
Be nerdy and help out with a research study!
Jury Decision Making Survey

I am working with Professor Brian Orazetti at Alliant International University, and we are conducting a study regarding jury decision making. This survey will take approximately 20 to 25 minutes to complete. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in this study. Participation in this study is voluntary and all responses will be kept confidential. If you have any questions or concerns regarding participation in this study, please contact me (ebaer at alliant dot edu). Please forward this link to others you feel would be willing to participate in our study. Thank you for your assistance in completing our research.

Please complete our on-line survey by clicking the link below.


Thank you,

Erica Baer
Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
5:29 pm
Aha! The check mystery!
Apparently the check from my last post IS for 0.002, though whether that's dollars or cents is a mystery.

The background can be found here and I'm laughing so hard at the transcript of the conversation.


I don't get email notification at work (can't access email, so seriouslyuguys had already pointed out what the source of all of this was.
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